Sunday, April 3, 2011

Play Ball with the Collage Museum

25 Signed and Numbered 'Rubens Rounding Third' Stamp Sheet By Matthew Rose To Benefit The Collage Museum
The Collage Museum has 25 of these wonderful works for sale, a portion of which will go to benefit the Museum, and its upkeep! More than 20,000 individual artworks are now stored in The Ontological Museum, and maintenance as well as ongoing exhibitions of these works - possibly the largest privately-held collection of collage/assemblage art in the world - is a costly affair.

Please note that only 25 of these works are available through The Collage Museum at the special price of $30 Includes FREE postage and handling. These works normally sell for $50. Matthew has agreed to donate 50% of the sales price of the Rubens Rounding Third stamp sheet to The Collage Museum.

"My guess is that Americans of all sizes will be interested in this work, not only those who love baseball and art," says Matthew, "but also those who grew up playing the game and found themselves distracted by some attractive fan in the crowd. I'm very happy to work with Cecil and the Collage Museum. It is a valued collection well worth protecting."

Only 25 of these limited edition prints are available through the Collage Museum. Purchase the signed, numbered and dated Rubens Rounding Third by Matthew Rose now via PayPal.

When they're gone they're gone!

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