Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Palimpsest Asemic Correspondence by Cecil Touchon

MA0026CT10 - Palimpsest Asemic Correspondence - Cecil Touchon - Oct 12, 2010
11x8.5 inches collage and drawing on antique paper, ink, antique 2 cent stamp
ink and collage over vintage correspondence

as an example of how I intend to use these asemic corresponsences please see the following.
These are digital prints of the above original with additional stamp impressions and other inclusions.

ma.0026.r01 sent to Anna Banana 10/13/2010
stamps and stains added to the print
 antique photo digitally included on print then stamped and signed in blue
ma.0026.r02 sent to Rosa Gravino 10/13/2010

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